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UNION JACK Just a quick general information in english:

Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment: Our english language version is offline at the moment, so please browse our german pages.

Most of them are understandable at all because of facts & figures and the pictures. In case, just give us a call or send an email.

Please make also use of the search word function under "Suche - Suchbegriff - finden" at the bottom of the left column.

Thank you for your understanding.

We are working on a quick online return.

Highlight Event: BMW Motorrad NEW R1200GS Premiere in Marrakesch/Marokko 2013

Der Link zum best of the best award für den Nord Stream "The Arrival" event - Triad Berlin 

eventpower ünterstützte auch hier bei der Eventlogistik mit dem Schwerpunkt Transferlogistik für alle Teilnehmer und Staff. 

November 2011

eventpower ticker NEWS +++

+++ IBTM world 2015 Barcelona: We went there to look for big new ideas, new destinations & new venues - ask us ! +++ 

+++ Improviser in residence Hayden Chisholm im Duisburger Stadtfernsehen studio 47 im Niederrhein Talk +++

+++ BMW Motorrad events successful realised in Portugal in February & March 2015 +++

+++ Comedy Arts Festival 2015 : Video Dokumentationen +++

+++ BIG Summer 2015 event for Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge successful finished +++

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